3D Product Configurator Design

Exploring the design, value and landscape of 3D Product Configurators.


Hello and welcome.  My name is Paul Denhard and I’ve been in the technology and creative trenches for 18 years.  Initially, a software developer building web and eCommerce applications, and then switching careers midway to create photoreal 3D images for TV commercials, product visualisation, art installations and film.

I’ve created this blog to explore and share the emerging world of 3D interactive technology, more specifically 3D Product Configurators.  This is of particular interest to me as it’s an exciting area of technological advancement that combines cutting-edge technology and innovative 3D creativity.

Here’s my aim for this blog:

  • To discover what’s out there.
  • To understand the value to customers and businesses.
  • To establish what constitutes good design.
  • To unlock the technical building blocks required.

It seems logical that being able to view and interact with a realistic looking 3D version of a product is the best way to bring that product to you, which of course saves you time and effort not having to visit the real thing.  The technology is definitely out there, so why aren’t we using it as part of our regular purchasing experience?

This question is the motivation behind this blog.   I’m passionate about technology working for you, and in essence that means the technology should help improve the ‘flow’ of what you are trying to achieve, which boils down to good design.  So with that in mind, I want to explore where interactive 3D product visualisation can add value to the customer’s experience.

The breadth and depth of this area is potentially endless, so this blog will attempt to simplify it, by collating examples to compare and contrast along with supporting information of industry developments, which I hope in turn will help you understand the scope and possibilities of this uncharted landscape to move this exciting area forward.

I welcome all comments , views and insights, so feel free to join in and share your knowledge.  After all, the real goal is about combined wisdom!

If you want to discuss ideas, designs or solve your next step, please feel free to email me at pauldenhard@hotmail.com.


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