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3D Configurators – Seeing is believing

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Hello and welcome to my blog on 3D Product Configurator Design.

I’ve created this blog to explore, share and discuss the present and future of visualising products with the use of 3D technology.

To me, and I’m sure many of you, it seems like such a natural progression to be shopping for products by interacting with a 3D life-like representation of them.  Essentially we are talking about Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or 3D Interactive Applications.  We all know the 3D technological capabilities are out there, so it seems like the next logical step to be able to see and customise products as if they actually exist, right before our very eyes.

So why aren’t we habitually buying the latest home furnishings and gadgets by gesticulating Minority Report style?  That’s what this blog is here to investigate.

I want to find what’s out there and gather it together in one place .  I’d like to compare and contrast these to study what are the key attributes that make up a well designed interactive 3D application for visualising products.  I’d like to uncover and discuss the future, the trends, the challenges, alternative product visualisation technologies, and any other info that is of relevance.

I’m passionate about 3Dgood design and technology working for you.  This is one area that is of great interest to me as it brings all of these 3 elements together and it complements the building blocks I have developed over my career.

We are at the frontier of a new wave of applications that are designed to give us a simpler and more intuitive experience, primarily built on 3D technology.  There are actually many highly advanced applications already in use today, but these haven’t reached the mainstream as of yet.  I’d like to help move that forward.

With that in mind, who is this blog aimed at?  This blog is for anyone interested in how interactive 3D technology can be used to help us in our every day lives.  It’s mainly focused on visualising products, but the contents will be of use in a variety of ways for many other 3D interactive areas.

The goal is to keep it simple, so it’s accessible to a wider audience.  Feel free to join in and share your thoughts, knowledge and experience as this is about shared wisdom, to help bring some exciting new technologies to all of us.

So, without further ado, let’s start taking a look at what’s out there!



One thought on “3D Configurators – Seeing is believing

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